Like standing in the forest, in the middle of Berlin city

What will the future be like? How will we live, work and get around? If our client Reggeborgh Germany has anything to do with it, our lives will definitely be greener. Reggeborgh spends a lot of time thinking about these things and it shows: in ultra-modern construction projects that place people at the centre of all planning. Its Cradle to Cradle principle applies ecological, cyclical thinking to high-quality real estate projects.

New perspectives for Berlin

We’ve developed a variety of projects since 2017 – always with a uniquely artistic approach. We present the Reggeborgh company in elegant, discreet style, while allowing space for individual development projects to unfold. For the Grandaire apartment complex on Alexanderplatz, WDB sent attendees to the roofing ceremony on a visual journey far above the square: unusual views of the shell with its rough concrete and precise construction and light, colour and space presented in a temporary exhibition with large- format acrylic frames.

Where does rendering end and reality begin?

An image film with virtually created references. It’s almost too good to be true.