Preserving a tradition

There’s a lot of talk about good food and healthy, natural foods with heritage and tradition that create a rustic dining experience. We use our expertise in sophisticated 360° communication and targeted activation to support Spreewaldhof in all of its day-to-day marketing. The communication mix focuses on the POS, retail media and all relevant online channels. It’s effective, contemporary and budget-friendly.

75 years of Spreewald preserves

It’s time to go on a virtual journey into Spreewaldhof’s past. WDB developed an online promotion inviting visitors on an online journey of discovery, from the post-war period to the GDR period and through reunification up to the present day. There’s a lot to see, hear and win as visitors move through each 360° virtual room, with the chance to win some attractive prizes along the way. The response from regular customers was overwhelming, an affirmation of our unconventional concept. For brands with regional roots like Spreewaldhof, credibility and authenticity are just as important as the quality of the product.

New target groups. New Products.

Fresh convenience is an important category driver in fresh. It serves consumer trends aimed at fresh products and enriches a continuously growing market with products that fulfill the desire for healthy eating and time savings. WDB developed the communicative support from B2B advertisements to product presentations for key accounts and field forces.